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Darius (in Persian دارÙÙØ´ (Darayavahus)) is a common Persian male name. Three kings of the ancient Achaemenid Empire of Persia were name Darius:

*Darius the Great or Darius I of Persia. *Darius II of Persia *Darius III of Persia

as well as several other kings: *Darius of Media Atropatene appears to have been an Arsacid satrap. *Darius of Pontus, was briefly put in charge of Pontus after the death of his father Parnaces II of Pontus. *Darius the Mede named as "King of Babylon" in the Book of Daniel, variously identified (sometimes assumed to be Gubaru).

Darius can also be: *A popular Lithuanian first name (e.g. Darius Kasparaitis, who is a NHL player) *Darius McCrary?, American actor *Darius Grala, a Polish sports car racing driver *Darius Danesh, a Scottish-Persian singer-songwriter *Darius Salimi, A Track and Field athlete *Darius Krutzek, A German basketball professional *Donovin Darius, an NFL player *Steponas Darius, a Lithuanian pilot *Darius, an underground goth rock band ...

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