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Dark Funeral

"Dark Funeral" is a black metal band from Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by guitarists Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon.

The lyrical themes of this band are often satanism, anti-christianity, apocalypse and highly blasphemous themes. Both Emperor Magus Caligula (the band's vocalist) and Ahriman are known to be ardent satanists, and mar their beliefs in artistic fashion well lyrically and musically.


Dark Funeral was founded by Lord Ahriman (Micke Svanberg) and Blackmoon (David Parland). They were later joined by Draugen and Themgoroth.


Their self-titled and self-financed, mini-cd was recorded at Dan Swanö´s Uni-Sound studio in January. It was released on May 4th to an unsuspecting world. And on that very same day, the band performed their very first gig at Luse Lottes Pub in Oslo, Norway. After the recording sessions, Draugen (drums) left the band and was replaced by Equimanthorn.


The band signed up to No Fashion Records, which later turned out to be their biggest mistake yet, and started preparing songs for a full-length album. After a miserable attempt to record The Secrets Of The Black Arts at Uni-Sound studios (again with Dan Swanö), the band d...

years active 1993-current
status Active
country Sweden
music genre Black Metal
current members Lord Ahriman,
Emperor Magus Caligula,
Chaq Mol,
Matte Modin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia