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Dark Moor

"Dark Moor" is a neo-classical power metal band from Spain. Formed in 1993, they produced three full-length albums, before undergoing a line-up change. Three members, including vocalist Elisa C. Martin, left the band and formed their own project Dreamaker. The remaining two members carried on under the same name, recruiting suitable replacements in time for their self-titled 2003 release.

* Alfred Romero (2003 to) - Vocals

* Enrik Garcia (1994 to) - Guitar

* Daniel Fernandez (2004 to) - Bass

* Andy C. (2003 to) - Drums


Dark Moor was formed in 1994 in Madrid (Spain) and recorded their debut album ``Shadowland´´ in the summer of 1999. Dark Moor did some appreciated live performances supporting Demons & Wizards in their Spanish Tour. The tour was a good chance to be discovered by a big crowd of Spanish Metal fans.

Dark Moor began the recording sessions of their second album ``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´ in August 2000 at New Sin Studios with the producer Luigi Stefanini. During these recording sessions the band recorded the cover ``Halloween´´ which was included in the CD``The Keepers Of Jericho´´ - A Tribute To Helloween - (Arise Records...

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