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Dark Tranquillity

"Dark Tranquillity" is a melodic death metal band from Sweden. They are the longest standing band from the famed Gothenburg metal scene and one of the inventors of special Gothenburg sound. Starting in 1989, they have had a fairly stable line-up from the start, unlike many bands from the genre. In 1994 Anders Fridén, Dark Tranquillity's original lead vocalist, left the band and joined In Flames a year or so later. Mikael Stanne, formerly playing rhythm guitar and doing back vocals, then became the lead vocalist, with Johansson taking over the guitars. Mikael Stanne also recorded vocals with the band In Flames. However, contrary to popular belief, he was never a full member of that band; he was a session vocalist and sang to help out the members of In Flames. In 1998, following the release of the album ''Projector'', Johansson left the band. Keyboardist Martin Brändström and bassist Michael Nicklasson were added to the line-up, and Henriksson switched to the guitar. This album was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award. The band is currently signed to Century Media Records.Their latest album is called ''Character'';

Niklas Sundin contributed with lyrics to two In Flames album...

years active 1989 – present
origin Gothenburg, Sweden
music genre Melodic death metal
current members Mikael Stanne
Niklas Sundin
Martin Henriksson
Michael Nicklasson
Martin Brändström
Anders Jivarp
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia