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"Darkane" is a thrash/death metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. The name Darkane is a combination of the words ''dark'' and ''arcane''.

* Andreas Sydow - Vocals

* Christofer Malmström - Guitar

* Klas Ideberg - Guitar

* Jörgen Löfberg - Bass

* Peter Wildoer - Drums

* Christofer Malmström is also a member in Non Human Level.


*Lawrence Mackrory - Vocals on ''Rusted Angel''


* ''Rusted Angel'' (1999)

* ''Insanity'' (2001)

* ''Expanding Senses'' (2002)

* ''Layers of Lies'' (2005)


* ''A Tribute to Accept'' (cover from "Restless & Wild")

* ''A Tribute to the Beast'' (cover from "Powerslave", from Iron Maiden)

* Darkane official website


* Darkane at Encyclopaedia Metallum

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years active 1998 - present
origin Helsingborg
country Sweden
music genre Death Metal/Thrash Metal
current members Klas Ideberg
Jörgen Löfberg
Christofer Malmström
Andreas Sydow
Peter Wildoer
past members Lawrence Mackrory
Bjorn Strid
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia