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Darkest Hour

"Darkest Hour" is a metalcore/melodic deathcore band with thrash metal influences currently signed to Victory Records. The band is officially based in Washington, DC, but several of the members live in Richmond, Virginia. Their sound is akin to classic European metal acts such as At the Gates and In Flames, but it is noted for the incorporation of elements of punk and hardcore music. Over the years they have toured with many influential acts, including The Crown, Zao, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Thrice. They also played 2004's Ozzfest.

The band began as the conception of guitarist Mike Schleibaum. There were various member changes before a first line-up emerged and the band played its first show on September 23rd, 1995, when most of the members were still in high school. In addition to Mike Schleibaum, the original lineup consisted of vocalist John Henry, drummer Matt Maben, and bassist Raul Mayorga. This version of the band released much darker and slower brooding music compared to their current, melodic metal sound. Their original sound has been compared to bands such as Bloodlet and Damnation a.d., who were undoubtedly both influences. The band released its very...

years active 1996 - present
status Active
country Washington D.C., USA
music genre Metalcore
Melodic Death Metal
current members John Henry
Mike Schleibaum
Kris Norris
Ryan Parrish
Paul Burnette
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia