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"Darkthrone" is a highly influential Norwegian black metal band formed in 1986. They began as a death metal outfit under the name of ''Black Death''.

Forming in 1986 as Black Death, the band released several demo cassettes and were subsequently signed to Peaceville Records on a four album contract. After changing their name to ''Darkthrone'', the band released their first full length album, ''Soulside Journey''. The album was cleanly produced in a technical death metal style characterised by progressive song structure, complex drumming patterns, and fast, accurate riffing. Soon afterward, Darkthrone adopted the aesthetic style that would come to represent the black metal scene, wearing corpsepaint and working under occult pseudonyms. At this point, bassist Dag Nilsen left the band (but still played, listed as "Session Bass", on their next album ''A Blaze in the Northern Sky'').

Darkthrone subsequently recorded and released the seminal black metal album ''A Blaze in the Northern Sky'', which was strongly inspired by the works of Bathory and Celtic Frost. Peaceville Records was originally skeptical about releasing the album due to Darkthrone's diversion from the death metal...

years active 1986–present
country Norway
status Active
music genre Black metal
Death metal (early)
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source: Wikipedia