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Dave Dobbyn

"Dave Dobbyn" (born January 3, 1957) is a musician, singer-songwriter and record producer from New Zealand.

Dobbyn's first success came with a band, Th'Dudes, which he formed while still in school. Their hit ''Be Mine Tonight'' won single of the year in 1979 in New Zealand, while singles ''Walking in Light'' and ''Bliss'' became popular anthems.

After Th'Dudes folded, Dobbyn formed DD Smash, and had a number of hit singles during the 1980s, including ''Devil you Know'', ''Outlook for Thursday'', ''Magic (What She Do)'' and ''Whaling''.

In December 1984, DD Smash were playing an outdoor concert in Aotea Square in Auckland. During their set there was a power failure. During the break in music, sections of the crowd became restless. Some of the crowd started throwing beer bottles and police started arresting them. The situation escalated and the riot squad was called in. Dobbyn made negative remarks about the police which spurred on the crowd. The concert was stopped by the police and sections of the crowd rioted smashing shop windows along Queen Street.

Prime Minister David Lange called a commission of inquiry and as a result Dobbyn was charged with...

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