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Dave Dudley

"Dave Dudley" (born as "Darwin David Pedruska" or "Pudraska", May 3 1928 - December 22 2003) was an American country singer, best known for his songs about the lives of truck drivers.

Dudley was born on May 3 1928 in Spencer, Wisconsin, USA and grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; following an arm injury in 1950 that ruined a baseball career, he became a radio disc jockey, working at stations in Wisconsin, Iowa, Idaho and Minnesota and formed the Dave Dudley Trio in 1953 which stayed together for seven years.

Dudley was sidelined for several months in 1960 after being struck by a car while loading equipment following a performance in Minneapolis and spent several months in the hospital.

His career started to take off with songs like "Maybe I Do" and "Under the Cover of Night". He founded his own label, Golden Wing, in 1963, and released the up-tempo song "Six Days on the Road", originally recorded in 1961 to please a friend, which made him a superstar overnight.

"Six Days on the Road" did, in fact, spawn an entire new subgenre within country music, telling tales of the lives of truckers and depicting them as hard-working, hard-living men.

Dudley's later succ...

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