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David Dondero

"David Dondero" is a singer/songwriter that currently is on the Team Love Records label. He has toured with such acts as Bright Eyes, Tilly and The Wall, Spoon, and Willy Mason. His former projects were Sunbrain, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, and The Flatwheelers. Dondero has been attributed with creating the distressed vocal style that Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes has popularized.


*The Pity Party - (1999 · Ghostmeat Records)

*Spider West Myshkin and a City Bus (out of print) - (2000 · Ghostmeat Records)

*Shooting at the Sun with a Water Gun - (2000 · Future Farmer Records)

*The Transient - (2002 · Future Farmer Records)

*Spider West Myshkin and a City Bus (re-issue) - (2003 · Ghostmeat Records)

*Live at the Hemlock - (2004 · Future Farmer Records)

*South of the South - (2005 · Team Love Records)


*David Dondero/Chris Terry - (2003 · Perpetual Motion Machine)

*David Dondero/Mischief Brew - "Two Boxcars" (2005 · Fistolo Records)

*David Dondero/Pine Hill Haints; Arkam Records


*Ghostmeat 5th Anniversary 1994-1999 (song: "Leave the Driving to Them")

*Parts - Ghostmeat Records Compi...

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