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David Tao

David Tao Zhe (Chinese: é¶å / July 11, 1969- ) is a is a popular Taiwanese singer-songwriter specializing in R&B. < Unsourced image removed: thumb|David Tao -->

David Tao was born in 11 July 1969. He can speak English and has a Master degree from UCLA. His personalities are creative, subjective and nervous. David Tao is a typical perfectionist that ask everything to achieve perfection. His hobbies are watching movies & dramas, visiting museums and reading psychology books. David Tao studied in Taiwan from kindergarten to junior high school, and then came back to America. In 1997, David Tao entered show business.

Tao was born in Hong Kong as é¶ç·å¿  to parents who were famous entertainers in Taiwan. His father, é¶å¤§å, was an actor/singer/composer and his mother, ç復è, a very well known Chinese opera singer. Tao spent some of his childhood in Hong Kong and during his Soul Power concerts in Hong Kong, he shared some of his childhood memories. His father and mother supposedly eloped when his father...

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