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"Daysend" (pronounced ''days-end'') is a melodic death metal band based in Sydney, Australia, assembled in 2002. Their debut album, ''Severance'', was released in the year following their foundation.

The members of the band all came from well-regarded underground Sydney metal bands. Bass player Meredith Webster and original drummer Matt Lamb were from Psi.Kore, who released an EP in 2000 and toured widely throughout Australia. Guitarist Aaron Bilbija had a long list of former bands attached to his name, including Depression and DeadSpawn (a band that also featured original vocalist Dave Micallef, who left before Daysend ever played live) and brief stints with Infernal Method and Psi.Kore. Drummer Wayne Morris also played in Depression and Deadspawn with Bilbija, guitarist Michael Kordek had been a founding member of Automation and singer Simon Calabrese was formerly with nu-metal bands Inequity and Redsands.

The band already had a strong reputation to live up to then and before long they had established themselves with a string of supports to international touring bands including Strapping Young Lad, Entombed, Slipknot, In Flames and Shadows Fall. The ''Severence'' album...

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