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Dead Moon

"Dead Moon" is a Portland, Oregon band fronted by longtime singer/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole. His wife Toody plays bass and Andrew Loomis plays drums. Formed in 1987, the band combines garage rock, punk, and country in their stripped-down sound. Fred Cole has engineered most of the band's recordings and mastered them on a mono lathe that was used for The Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie." Their early records, such as ''In the Graveyard,'' were released on the Tombstone Records label, named for the musical equipment store Fred and Toody operated at the time. Soon they caught the attention of the German label Music Maniac, and toured Europe successfully. Not until the mid-nineties did they tour the United States. Much of their following is in Europe, and a U.S. filmmaking team (Kate Fix and Jason Summers) produced a 2004 documentary, ''Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story'', which played in independent theaters around the U.S., New Zealand, and Melbourne International Film Fest, and might be offered with the upcoming Dead Moon box set on Sub Pop Records. Dead Moon has recorded for labels such as Empty Records, but most releases are on Music Maniac abroad and Tombstone in the U....
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