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Dead Poetic

"Dead Poetic" is a Christian hard rock band hailing from Dayton, Ohio. They are signed to Tooth & Nail Records and have recently performed at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois. Dead Poetic has announced a new upcoming album set, entitled ''Vices'', to be released Halloween of 2006. It features vocal contributions by Chino Moreno of the multi-platinum selling band Deftones.


*Brandon Rike - vocals

*Zach Miles - lead guitar

*Dusty Redmon - guitar (former guitarist of Beloved)

*John Brehm - bass guitar (former bassist of Beloved)

*Jesse Sprinkle - drums (former drummer of Poor Old Lu and Demon Hunter)(brother of Arron sprinkle)


*Chad Shellabarger - bass guitar (1997-2005)

*Josh Shellabarger - drums (1997-2005)

*Todd Osborn - guitar

*''Four Wall Blackmail'' (2002) - Solid State Records

*''New Medicines'' (2004) - Solid State Records


*''Vices'' (October 31, 2006) - Tooth and Nail Records

* Dead Poetic



* Dead Poetic at Tooth & Nail Records

* Dead Poetic at Solid State Records years active 2002–present (time) status Active country United States of America music genre Christian Rock
Hardcore current members Brandon Rike
Zach Miles
Dusty Redmon
John Brehm
Jesse Sprinkle past members Chad Shellabarger
Josh Shellabarger
Todd Osborn

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