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Deadstar Assembly

Deadstar Assembly

"Deadstar Assembly" is an Industrial band from Fort Lauderdale, FL which was formed in 2001.

Deadstar Assembly began their formation in 2001 when Dearborn and famed techno producer Luis Duran collaborated to create the sound for Deadstar Assembly. In 2002 their self-titled debut was recorded and then released in 2003. The album contained 13 tracks, one of which was a cover of the 1980s hit Send Me An Angel (originally by Real Life) which had received significant airplay in South Florida metal, and strip clubs. Their sophomore album, produced by DSA themselves and Jeremy Staska, "Unsaved" is a drastically personal album. It will be released on July 11 2006 in North America. Their Vol. 2 DVD is in progress but has no set release date.


*Dearborn - Vocals

*The Dro - Bass

*Cygnus - Drums

*DreGGs - Guitar

*sKuz - Keyboards


*Mubo - Keyboards (2002-2006)

*Jay - Guitar (2002)


* ''Deadstar Assembly'' (2002)

* ''Unsaved'' (2006)


* ''Dark Hole Sessions - Vol. 1'' (2003)

''2003''''Send Me An A...
years active 2002–present
status Active
country USA
music genre Industrial Metal
current members Dearborn (vocals)
The Dro (bass)
Cygnus (drums)
DreGGs (crunch guitar)
sKuz (keyboards)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia