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"Deadstar" was an Australian band from Melbourne around singer Caroline Kennedy. Before she sang in Deadstar, she was in ''The Plums'' with Shamus Goble and Peter McCracken, and she also had her own project, The Caroline Kennedy Conspiracy.

Other members of the band were (at different times) Peter McCracken (bass), Barry Palmer (guitar, ex-Hunters and Collectors), Michael den Elzen (guitar; ex-Schnell Fenster), and ex-Crowded House members Peter Jones (drums) and Nick Seymour (bass).

Their style can be described as ''rock'', the guitars on especially the first two albums are the core of their music. The third album was produced to have hits on it, and the singles "Run Baby Run" and "Deeper Water" (their biggest hit, reaching #28 on the Australian ARIAnet Singles Chart) brought the band some success in Australia in 1998/9.

The band has since split up for personal reasons and Caroline and Peter have, again with help of Shamus Goble, released a country-tinged album, (In The Honeycone (2004)), under the name The Tulips.

* ''Deadstar'' (1996)

* ''Milk'' (1997) (''Deadstar'' in the UK release)

* ''Over The Radio'' (1998)

* ''The Definitive Collection'' (2004...

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