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"Decapitated" are a critically and popularly acclaimed death metal band from Poland; their style places them towards the more extreme and technical side of that genre. They come from Krosno in southern Poland, and they formed in 1996 (when the band's average age was merely 14) whilst all the members were at music school. With "Vitek" aged 18 and "Vogg" being aged 22 they are one of the youngest bands in the genre to have had major success. "Martin" and "Vogg" also hold gigs with the Polish experimental symphonic/technical black metal band Lux Occulta.

Decapitated released their first demo, ''Cemeterial Gardens'', in 1997 and released their debut album, ''Winds of Creation'', three years later. Its successor, ''Nihility'' is a more condensed, brutal and technical album, with an almost industrial guitar tone. Their 2004 album ''The Negation'', and their latest, ''Organic Hallucinosis'', both have a softer, more classical death metal tone.

In summer 2005, "Sauron", the band's vocalist, quit the band, due to "health complications", according to Sauron. Replacing him is a vocalist by the name of Covan, a previous member of Atrophia Red Sun. Currently Decapitated are signed to ...

years active 1996–present
origin Krosno
country Poland
status Active
music genre Death metal
current members From left: Vogg, Covan, Martin, Vitek
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia