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Del Fuegos

The Del Fuegos were a moderately successful garage-style pop band in the 1980s with lead singer Dan Zanes, guitarist Warren Zanes (his brother), bassist Tom Lloyd, and drummer Woody Gleissman. The Boston-based band was signed to a series of respected indie labels, was touted by fans such as Tom Petty, starred in a beer commercial, gained mild airplay with "Don't Run Wild" and "I Still Want You", but were never considered truly successful.

Dan Zanes went on to a failed solo career and a surprise success recording children's music and videos, made popular by heavy airplay on Noggin.

*The Longest Day 1984 Slash Records *Boston, Mass. 1985 Slash Records *Spin Radio Concert (live) 1985 BBE Sound *Stand Up 1987 Slash Records *Smoking in the Fields 1989 RCA Records


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|US Hot 100 |US Modern Rock |US Mainstream Rock |UK |- | 1986 | "I Still Want You" | #87 | - | #33 | - | Boston, M...

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