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Denver Harbor

"Denver Harbor" is an American alternative rock band, based in San Diego, California. The band was formed in 2002 by former Fenix*TX members Will Salazar and Chris Lewis, along with F.O.N. members Aaron Rubin and Ilan Rubin. After self-releasing their debut EP ''Extended Play'' in 2003, they were temporarily signed to Universal Records, who released their 2004 full-length album ''Scenic''.

In 2002, after breaking up their band of seven years due to musical differences, Fenix*TX singer/guitarist Will Salazar and the remaining three Fenix*TX members went separate ways. While Salazar wanted to keep the band going (but was not legally allowed to), bassist Adam Lewis and drummer Damon DeLaPaz decided to extend their side-project Big Black Boat, which later changed its name to ChChCh HaHaHa and ultimately became the band Sing the Body Electric. Guitarist Chris Lewis was caught in between, as he was asked to take part in Big Black Boat but also wanted to continue working with Salazar, and finally settled for a position alongside Salazar. Joined by F.O.N. members and brothers Aaron Rubin on bass and Ilan Rubin on drums — the latter of which was a protégé of blink-182 drumme...

years active 2002–present
origin San Diego, California, USA
music genre Rock (music)
current members Will Salazar
Chris Lewis
Aaron Rubin
Ilan Rubin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia