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Deric Ruttan

"Deric Ruttan" is an up and coming country singer and songwriter. He moved to Nashville in 1994 to pursue his music career. He spent his days writing songs, and his nights scouring the city getting ideas and learning from the many singer and songwriters that are everywhere in Nashville. He got his break in 1999 when Steve Bogard, a producer, heard one of Deric's tapes and liked it. From there, he was signed to a songwriting deal and immediately began recording his first demos. After Doug Howard at Lyric Street Records heard his demo and Deric played five songs live for Randy Goodman, the two fell in love with his music, and Deric had a recording company. In 2003, he released his first, self-titled album.

Deric Ruttan - Deric Ruttan:

1. When You Come Around

2. Take the Wheel

3. I Saved Everything

4. Unbeatable

5. Promise Broken

6. Invisible

7. To Be Where You Are

8. Angelina

9. Shine

10. Love Did

11. Tom and Annie

12. Ashes to Asphalt

Bonus Track: When You Come Around (acoustic)




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