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"Des'ree", born "Desiree Weeks" on November 30, 1968 in London, England was one of Britain's most successful pop/soul vocalists throughout the 1990s. She changed her name from Desiree Weeks because she preferred a two-syllable name.

Growing up in South London, Des'ree's introduction to music came from her parents, who, coming to Britain from the Caribbean, brought with them their island sounds, enabling their daughter to experience reggae, calypso and jazz along with British pop music. It was on returning from a 3-year spell in Barbados with her family, at the age of 14, that Des'ree knew she wanted her life to revolve around music. An avid reader from an early age, she soon found herself moving from studying poetry to writing it, condensing everything she learned from her culture, history and life experiences and setting it to music. It's a style of composition that hasn't changed over the years.

Finding her own voice out of that initial decision has been an interesting adventure that Des'ree has undertaken sometimes alone, sometimes in partnership.

In 1994 the hit single "You Gotta Be" hit Billboard Top 5 and was a hit in the UK three times. It also allowed Des'...

Background solo singer
Born November 30, 1968
Origin London, England
Genre Pop music
Years active 1992 - Present
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source: Wikipedia