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"''Desperation"'' is a horror novel by Stephen King. It was published in 1996 at the same time as its "mirror" novel, ''The Regulators''. It was made into a TV movie starring Ron Perlman ten years later in 2006.

''Desperation'' is the story of several people traveling along the desolate Highway 50 in Nevada who all get abducted by Collie Entragian, the deputy of the fictional ghost town of Desperation. Entragian uses various pretexts for his abductions, from an arrest for drug possession to “rescuing” a family from a nonexistent gunman.

The travelers quickly realize that something is very wrong with Entragian, as his bizarre statements and mannerisms soon escalate to brutal assaults and murder. They come to understand that he is possessed by an ancient evil, a supernatural entity which calls itself Tak, that had been imprisoned in an old abandoned mineshaft until recent activity by a local mining company unearthed it. Tak has the ability to control the local desert wildlife, such as vultures, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and coyotes, and can also take more direct control of human hosts, though such manifestation causes rapid deterioration of the host's body. As s...

writer Stephen King
starring Tom Skerritt
Ron Perlman
Steven Weber
Annabeth Gish
director Mick Garris
producer Bruce Dunn
Mick Garris
Stephen King
Mark Sennet
Kelly Van Horn
distributor American Broadcasting Company
released May 23, 2006 (USA)
runtime 180 min. (with commercials)
language English
budget $12M (USD)
Filming Location Bisbee, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
imdb id 0129871
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia