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Destroyer 666

"Deströyer 666" are an Australian blackened death/thrash metal band formed in 1994 by guitarist K.K. Warslut, following his departure from the cult black metal band Bestial Warlust.

They have now relocated to The Netherlands. A reissue of their album ''Cold Steel... for an Iron Age'' has been scheduled for late 2005. It will featured a picture disk as well as some previously unreleased tracks, including alternate versions of some songs. The band is also working on a new LP containing all of the songs previously released on 7" vinyl.

Their sound can be described as a blend between black,death metal, and thrash metal although in recent releases, the band's death metal edge has become more prominent. For example, the album ''Unchain the Wolves'', considered to be their finest by many fans, has a less head-on and aggressive sound than later albums such as ''Cold Steel... for an Iron Age'', which uses a more bombastic and hard-hitting tone.

*''Violence is the Prince of This World'' - (1995)

*''Unchain the Wolves'' - (1997)

*''Satanic Speed Metal (single)'' - (1998)

*''King of Kings (single)'' - (2000)

*''Phoenix Rising'' - (2000)

*''Cold Steel... for an ...

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