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"Daniel Bejar" (pronounced beːhaɹ) (b. 1972), a native of the Canadian city of Vancouver, started "Destroyer" in 1995. His first album was the lo-fi ''We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge''. Dan was joined by John Collins on ''City of Daughters'' after which he managed to put together a band. In 2000 the band broke up and Bejar took an extended vacation in Spain. He returned to Vancouver to release ''Thief''. Interpreted by many critics as an indictment of the music industry, this album brought Destroyer significant recognition. After its release Bejar focused solely on his music. It was about this time he started contributing to The New Pornographers. After the 2001 release of ''Streethawk: A Seduction'' on Misra Records, Destroyer picked up something of a cult following. Having the band Frog Eyes play back up for several shows inspired ''Notorious Lightning & Other Works'', a reworking of six tracks from the previous album ''Your Blues'' with Frog Eyes once again as back up.

Bejar is also a guitarist and vocalist for the Vancouver indie band, The New Pornographers.

Destroyer's unique style is almost impossible to categorize. Bejar calls it "European Blues". It is often ...

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