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"Destruction" is a German thrash metal band formed in Lörrach, Germany in 1983. Destruction recorded their first demo in 1984 entitled ''Bestial Invasion of Hell''. Destruction is one of the three big names of teutonic thrash metal; the others are Kreator and Sodom. A 2000 reunion has been consistently successful and the band released a new CD in 2005.


Vocals, bass: Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer 1983-1989, 1999-

Guitars: Mike Sifringer 1983-

Drums: Marc Reign 2001-


Vocals: Thomas Rosenmerkel 1993-1999

Guitars: Harry Wilkens 1987-1987

Guitars: Michael Piranio Ano 1993-1999

Bass: Christian Engler

Drums: Tommy Sandmann 1983-1987

Drums: Oliver Kaiser Olly 1987-1999

Drums: Sven Vormann 1999-2001


Vocals: Peter "Biff" Byford 2005

Vocals: Doro Pesch 2005

Vocals: Stian Thorensen (Shagrath) 2005

Vocals: Bjorn "Speed" Strid 2005

Vocals: Paul Di'Anno 2005

Vocals: Messiah Marcolin 2005

Vocals: Mark Osegueda 2005

Vocals: Peavy Wagner 2005

Vocals: Peter Tägtgren

*''Sentence of Death'' (1984)

*''Infernal Overkill'' (1985)

*''Eternal Devastation'' (...

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