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Detroit Cobras

Formed in Detroit, Michigan - 1996. "The Detroit Cobras" perform standards from the vaults of Motown, Soul music and 50's rock & roll.

In contrast to cover bands that attempt to re-create the original, the "Cobras" use material from the past and shape it into fresh, original garage rock versions. The resulting sound is rock & roll roots packed with modern garage rock energy.

The Detroit Cobras signed to Sympathy Records and released their first full length album entilted ''"Mink Rat or Rabbit"'' in 1998. They followed up with 2001's ''"Life, Love & Leaving"'' and drew enthusiasm from the NYC and London music scenes. Their retro garage rock formula has proven popular in the UK and prompted the London-based Rough Trade Records to sign the band and record ''"Seven Easy Pieces"'' in 2003 and ''"Baby"'' in 2005.

* 2005 - Baby (Bloodshot)

* 2003 - Seven Easy Pieces (EP) (Rough Trade)

* 2001 – Life, Love & Leaving (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

* 1998 - Mink Rat or Rabbit (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

* 1996 - Ain't It a Shame (single) (Scooch Pooch Records)

* 1996 - Over to My House (single) (B...

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