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Devendra Banhart

"Devendra Banhart" (born 30 May, 1981 in Houston, Texas) is a psych folk singer/songwriter whose first few records were released on the Young God Records label from New York City; his most recent CD was released by XL Recordings. He is one of the most popular artists to come out of the new New Weird America movement that includes performers such as Faun Fables, Animal Collective, Viking Moses, Jack Rose, Jana Hunter, the MV + EE Medicine Show, Currituck Co., Six Organs of Admittance, We the Royal, and many others. He is also a member of the group Vetiver.

Banhart is often compared to such disparate artists as Marc Bolan, Daniel Johnston, Billie Holiday, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, John Fahey, and Tiny Tim. Banhart himself has cited influence from early 70s Brazillian musicians such as Caetano Veloso (also see Tropicalismo). His music tends to consist of fairly simple guitar melodies with minimal other instrumentation, and his lyrics are often surreal and naturalistic.

Banhart was 'discovered' by Michael Gira of Swans, who released his ''Oh Me Oh My...'' album on his own Young God Records label in 2002. In 2005, he (along with Andy Cabic and Revolver USA) created the Gnomon...

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