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"Devics" is a band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Sara Lov and Dustin O'Halloran. Their music can be described as melancholic. They should not be confused with devices, another L.A. band from the same era.

* 1996 ''Buxom'' (LP, self release)

* 1998 ''If You Forget Me...'' (LP)

* 2000 ''The Ghost in the Girl'' (EP)

* 2001 ''My Beautiful Sinking Ship'' (LP)

* 2003 "Red morning" (7" Vinyl Single)

* 2003 ''The Stars at Saint Andrea'' (LP)

* 2003 ''Ribbons'' (EP)

* 2006 ''Push the Heart'' (LP)

* Devics website

* BBC review of ''The Stars at Saint Andrea''


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