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Diamond Rio

''This page is about the country band. For information about the MP3 player, see Rio PMP300''

"Diamond Rio" is a country band formed in 1989. They consist of Marty Roe (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Jimmy Olander (Guitar, Banjo), Dana Williams (Bass, Vocals), Dan Truman (Keyboards) Gene Johnson (Mandolin, Vocals, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar), and Brian Prout (Drums). They are members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Diamond Rio released their debut, ''Diamond Rio'', in 1991. It spawned five Top 10 Country hits, including the #1 hit "Meet in the Middle", and went platinum. Their second album, ''Close to the Edge'', released the following year, had three Top 10 singles and went gold. In 1994, their third album was released. ''Love a Little Stronger'' wasn't very successful commercially, but did produce another Top 5 single in the title track.

The mid-90's marked both a low point in album-naming creativity and a high point in chart success. Their fourth album, innovatively titled ''IV'' and released in 1996, spun off three Top 5 singles. (One of these, "It's All In Your Head", featured a video with Martin Sheen as a fiery preacher engaged in snake handling, mirroring the lyrics of t...

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