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Die Prinzen

The lyrics of their songs are often humorous, tongue-in-cheek critiques of German government or society.

The group's most popular singles have been "Millionär", "Küssen verboten", "Olli Kahn" (about German star World Cup goalie Oliver Kahn) and "Deutschland".

In reference to the group's name and the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Frog Prince", the group's logo is a green frog wearing a crown. The frog logo has appeared in a number of album and single covers.

The band consists of seven members:

* Tobias Künzel (born 26 May 1964 in Leipzig; Vocalist: baritone)

* Matthias Dietrich (born 24 November 1964 in Schönebeck; Instrumentalist: bass guitar)

* Sebastian Krumbiegel (born 5 June 1966 in Leipzig; Vocalist: tenor)

* Wolfgang Lenk (born 4 September 1966 in Leipzig; Vocalist: tenor)

* Jens Sembdner (born 20 January 1967 in Wermsdorf; Vocalist: basso)

* Henri Schmidt (born 17 August 1967 in Leipzig; Vocalist: baritone)

* Ali Zieme (born 23 March 1971 in Döbeln; Instrumentalist: drums)


* ''Das Leben ist Grausam'' (1991)

* ''Das Leben ist Grausam'' (a cappella)

* ''Küssen verboten'' (1992)

* ''Küssen verboten'' (a cappella)


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