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"Diecast" is a five-piece metalcore music group originating from Boston, Massachusetts. The band is notable for not featuring a single member from the original line-up, when the group formed in 1997.

Diecast was originally formed in 1997 by Colin Schleifer (vocals), Jeremy Wooden (bass) and Jason Costa (drums). Later on, Nassim Rizvi (guitar) joined the group, completing Diecast's first ever line-up.

The band's first release was a five track demo titled, ''Perpetual War'', released in 1997. The self-released demo was recorded on a cassette tape, and is now near impossible to obtain a copy of it.

A year later, the band released their first LP titled, ''Undo the Wicked''. The seven track album featured an additional guitarist in Dave McGuire, now making the band a five-piece group. The album was released via "Samson Records".

Amid the buzz of their previous release, the band caught the attention of "Now or Never Records" who offered them a recording contract. They released their second full-length album titled, ''Day of Reckoning'', on February 13, 2001. Guitarists Nassim Rizvi and Dave McGuire departed, and were replaced by Jonathan Kita as lead guitarist and ...

years active 1997 – Present
origin Boston, Massachusetts
country United States
music genre Metalcore
current members Paul Stoddard
Jonathan Kita
Kirk Kolaitis
Brad Horion
Dennis Pavia
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia