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"The Dingees" are a punk/ska band that was a side project started in the summer of 1996 by saxophone player Dave Chevalier (of The O.C. Supertones) and vocalist Pegleg. Bassist Bean and drummer Tony Terusa (who played bass for the Supertones) joined as well. Chevalier and Terusa left due to the Supertones touring schedule. They were replaced by drummer Ethan Luck and guitarist Jeff Holmes for their debut album Armageddon Massive in 1998. After the album was releaser Chevalier returned to the band and Holmes and Luck left. Jeff Holmes was replaced by Aaron Landers and Scott Rodgers took over for Ethan Luck. In 1999 "The Dingees" released their second album Sundown to Midnight and in 2001 they released their third album ''The Crucial Conspiracy''.

Recently, the Dingees have resurfaced with a Myspace page. The imbedded music player features a previously unreleased track titled "Fite Dem Back", recorded during the Sundown to Midnight sessions. The Dingees have also begun playing shows at several California venues. It is unknown whether this is a sign of a comeback.

* Pegleg – Vocals, Guitar

* Dave Chevalier – Sax

* Aaron Landers – Guitar

* Bean &...

years active 1996 – present
country California, United States
music genre Punk ska
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia