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Dingo is a Finnish rock band formed around 1982 which fused Finnish melancholy with catchy rock melodies, headed by the charismatic singer Pertti Neumann (also known as Pertti Nieminen). Dingo's hit number one was called Autiotalo, which soon became very popular. There was even formed a separate youth culture in Finland, the Dingos. The craze, however, lasted only for a couple of years and Dingo broke up in October 1986. The band regrouped in 1998 and continues to perform occasionally. A collection of Dingo hits released in 1999 was very successful, which indicates that at least part of the newest generation of listeners have found the group.

Dingo's English songs: The House Without a Name (1986), Tell Me Now (1986) and Tobacco road (1986).

  • Nimeni On Dingo (1984)
  • Kerjäläisten valtakunta (1985)
  • Pyhä klaani (1986)
  • Tuhkimotarina (1993)
  • Sinä & Minä (1993)
  • Via Finlandia (1994)
  • 20 suosikkia - Autiotalo (1997)
  • Parhaat (1999)
  • Dingomania (200...
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