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Dinosaur Jr

"Dinosaur Jr" is an American alternative rock band. Their songs, while typically melodic, were performed at extremely high volumes, were saturated with guitar noise and distortion, and frequently punctuated by J Mascis' fluent guitar solos. Despite a lack of commercial success, they gained a loyal cult following, and can be seen, along with contemporaries Pixies, as an immediate precursor to the alternative rock boom of the early 1990s, personified by the success of acknowledged fans Nirvana.

They were formed as "Dinosaur" in 1983 in Amherst, Massachusetts by J Mascis (guitar and vocals) and his high school classmate Lou Barlow (bass guitar), following the break-up of their hardcore punk band Deep Wound. Shortly afterwards, Murph (Emmett Patrick Murphy III, drums) joined them. Their debut album, ''Dinosaur'' was issued in 1985.

In 1987, in part due to support from fans in Sonic Youth they signed to SST Records, they released what is often considered their best album, ''You're Living All Over Me''. Immediately following that album's release, another band called The Dinosaurs, featuring ex-members of Country Joe and the Fish and Jefferson Airplane, sued them over t...

years active 1985-present
origin Amherst, Massachusetts
country United States
music genre Alternative rock
current members J Mascis
Lou Barlow
Emmett Patrick Murphy
past members Mike Johnson
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia