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"Dion" may mean:


*Dion (tyrant of Syracuse) (408-354 BC), ancient Greek politician

*Adolphe de Dion (1823-1908), archaeologist who excavated the château of Montfort' L'Amaury

*Marquis Albert de Dion, founder of the automobile company de Dion-Bouton

*Dion DiMucci (b.1939), an American singer/songwriter most known for his songs ''Runaround Sue'' and ''The Wanderer''

*Céline Dion (b.1968), Canadian singer

*Colleen Dion (b.1964), American actress

*Josh Dion, singer/drummer

*Dion of Prusa (1st century), stoic

*Stéphane Dion, (b. 1955) Canadian academic and politician


*Dion, Euboea, an ancient city located on the island of Euboea, Greece

*Dion, Greece, also ''Dium'', a city in Pieria prefecture, Greece

*Dion, Chalcidice also ''Dium'', an ancient city located in the Chalcidice, Greece

*Dion, Palestine, a city in the Decapolis of the Roman Empire

*Dion, a fictional city in Lineage 2 MMORPG





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