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"Disrupt" was a crust punk/grindcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Although they only released one official album (''Unrest'' on Relapse), the band acquired quite a cult following on the strength of several 7-inch EPs and compilation appearances.

Members of the band have gone on to play in many other bands since the dissolution of Disrupt, including State of Fear, Grief, Consume, Noosebomb, Chicken Chest and the Bird Boys, The Sqwags, and Superpower.

*Jay Stiles - Vocals

*Pete Kamarinos - Vocals

*Jeff Hayward - Guitars

*Terry Savanstano - Guitars

*Randy Odierno - Drums

*Bob Palombo - Bass

*''Disrupt'' 7" (Deafcore Records)

*''Disrupt'' 7" (Crust Records second pressing)

*''Refuse Planet'' 7" (Relapse Records)

*''Smash Divisions'' Live 7" (S.O.A. Records)

*Split 7" with Destroy (Adversity Records)

*Split 7" with Disdain (Desperate Attempt Records)

*Split 7" with Resist (D.A.M.)

*Split 7" with Taste of Fear (Off the Disk Records)

*Split 7" with Tuomiopaivan Lapset (Ecocentric Records)

*Split 7" with Warcollapse (Crust Records)

*''Deprived'' 7" (Relapse Records)

*''Unrest'' (1994, Relapse Records)<...

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