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"Dissection" was a well-known Swedish blackened death metal band formed in 1989 by guitarist and vocalist Jon Nödtveidt.

In 1988, a thrash metal band by the name of Siren's Yell was formed in the Swedish town of Strömstad. Its members were Jon Nödtveidt, Ole Öhman, Peter Palmdahl, and Mattias Johansson. The group recorded a single demo before breaking up in 1989. Nödveidt and Öhman continued on to play in the band Rabbit's Carrot, in which they claim to have never felt quite at home (especially Nödtveidt). Nödveidt was leaning more and more towards death metal and other forms of dark extreme music. Dissection was officially formed in the autumn of 1989 by Nödveidt, who had since left Rabbit's Carrot. Dissection's line-up, however, was not complete until early the next year.

In 1990, Dissection played their first live show with death metal act Entombed. In the same year, they also recorded and released their first demo, ''The Grief Prophecy''. It contained three songs and featured illustrations by the artist known as Necrolord, who has since created nearly all of Dissection's album art. A special edition of ''The Grief Prophecy'' was later released in me...

years active 1989 – 1997, 2004-2006
status Disbanded
origin Strömstad, Sweden
music genre melodic death metal
current members Jon Nödtveidt
Set Teitan
Bryce LeClercq
Thomas Asklund
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia