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Do Me Bad Things

Do Me Bad Things

"Do Me Bad Things" were a nine-piece blues/rock/soul/metal band from Croydon, London who broke up in January 2006.

They started out supposedly not intending to be a band, and admit to having no aspirations of fame. DMBT began on Valentine's Day 2003 with Alex Lewis, Tom Shotton and Ad Mallett deciding to create a rock trio for fun. Eventually they realised that their material needed to have two vocalists in places and they needed another vocalist for other songs. Nicolai Prowse (vocals) had been in bands with Tom and Rich when they were younger, as had Alex. The line-up grew with the introduction of Chantal, with whom Tommy had been working in a bookshop. Adding Mark, Kimberley and Clare completed DMBT.

They spent time rehearsing and playing gigs in local venues, one of which viewed by Must Destroy records, who signed them up to Atlantic. Do Me Bad Things' first Must Destroy release, was in June 2004. "The Song Rides" gained airplay on Zane Lowe's Radio One show and earned a session with XFM's John Kennedy. DMBT provided a sound which has been described as the missing link between The Scissor Sisters and Led Zeppelin. Summer 2004 was spent supporting others and maki...

years active 2003 – 2006
country United Kingdom
status Split
music genre Soul, Blues, Rock (music)
current members Nicolai Prowse
Chantal Brown
Mark Woods
Tom Shotton
Alex Lewis
Ad Mallett
Rich Alhurst
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia