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doa is a Japanese hard rock band comprised of Daiki Yoshimoto (吉本 大樹 Yoshimoto Daiki), Akihito Tokunaga (徳永 暁人 Tokunaga Akihito), and Shinichiro Ohta (大田 紳一郎 Oota Shinichirou). They are currently under the GIZA studio label.

Their singles Eiyuu and Aoi Kajitsu were used as opening theme songs for the 2004-2005 tokusatsu TV series Ultraman Nexus.


  • Yoshimoto Daiki - Vocals
  • Akihito Tokunaga - Bass, Vocals
  • Shinichiro Ohta - Guitar, Vocals

  1. deadstock (16 June 2004)
  2. open_d (9 February 2005)
  3. CANDLE (23 November 2005)

  1. 火ノ鳥のように Hi NO Tori no You ni (14 July 2004)
  2. 白の呪文 Shiro no Jumon (15 September 2004)
  3. 英雄 Eiyuu ...
    Background group or band
    Origin Japan
    Genre Hard rock
    Years active 2004–Present
    website Official site
    Current members Daiki Yoshimoto
    Akihito Tokunaga
    Shinichiro Ohta (musician)
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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