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"Dodgy" were an English pop trio, composed of Birmingham's Nigel Clark (vocals and bass) and Mathew Priest (drums), along with Londoner Andy Miller (guitar). Clark left the band in 1998, and the band officially split up, only to reform briefly in 2001 as a five-piece.

The band's debut album, produced by The Lightning Seeds Ian Broudie demonstrated a comprehensive grasp of classic british pop influences. In many ways the album pre-dated the Brit-pop sound that would come to dominated the English scene with the arrival of Oasis.

The later re-incarnaton was with Priest and Miller, joined by vocalist David Bassey; keyboardist Chris Hallam, and bass player Nick Abnett. This new version of the group would record one album, Real Estate, released in 2001. The most notable fact about this record is that the band's fans partially helped fund the recording sessions.

Their albums have included:

*''The Dodgy Album'' (1993)

*''Homegrown'' (1995), featuring the single ''Staying Out for the Summer''

*''Free Peace Sweet'' (1996), which contained their singles ''In a Room'' and ''Good Enough''.

*''Real Estate'' (2001)

Two compilation albums have also been rele...

years active 1990– 2002
country England
status Active
music genre Britpop, Indie rock
current members Nigel Clark
Math Priest
Andy Miller (musician)
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source: Wikipedia