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Doe Maar

"Doe Maar" was a Dutch ska band with punk and reggae influences. They were together from 1978 to 1984 and are among the most successful pop bands in Dutch history. Outside the Dutch-speaking world they are little known, because most of their lyrics are written in Dutch. The success of Doe Maar made it possible for other Dutch singing groups to break through, a development called Nederpop.

''Doe Maar'' is a Dutch phrase meaning ''go ahead'', mostly used in a deprecatory, sulky manner.

The best known Doe Maar line-up involved Henny Vrienten, bass, Ernst Jansz, keyboard, Jan Hendriks, guitar and Jan Pijnenburg on drums (although Pijnenburg did not appear on any of the recordings.)

The band members still enjoyed playing together and admitted to doing so in private. In 2000 they got back together for a one off tour and album, ''Klaar'' (''Finished'' or ''Ready'', whichever way you want to interpret it).

For a couple of years, Doe Maar had led a fringe existence. The band had more or less decided to break up, but were looking for a new bass player to replace Piet Dekker in order to wrap up their performance obligations and to finish recording the second (and wha...

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