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Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno

"Domenico Modugno" (January 9 1928 – August 6 1994) was an Italian singer and songwriter.

From a young age Domenico wanted to become an actor and in 1951, after his military service, he enrolled in an acting school. While still studying he had a role in a cinematographic version of ''Filumena Marturano'' by Eduardo De Filippo and some other films.

In 1957, his song ''Lazzarella'', sung by Aurelio Fierro, came second in the Festival della Canzone Napoletana, bringing him the first popularity.

In 1958 he took part to the Festival della Prosa, in Venezia, with the comedy ''La rosa di zolfo'' by Antonio Aniante. The turning point of his career came in that year, when he also participated to the Sanremo Music Festival, presenting, together with Johnny Dorelli, the song ''Nel blu dipinto di blu''. Co-authored by him and Franco Migliacci, the song won the contest and suddenly became an enormous discographical success. ''Nel blu dipinto di blu'' represented Italy in the 1958 Eurovision Song Contest, where it came third. ''Nel blu dipinto di blu'' is also known as ''Volare''.

Modugno won the Sanremo Music Festival for the second time in a row in 1959 and represente...

date of birthJanuary 9 1928
place of birthPolignano a Mare, Bari
date of deathAugust 6 1994
place of deathLampedusa
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source: Wikipedia