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"The Donots" are a punk band from Germany, formed in 1993 in Ibbenbüren.

The name of the band came into being by chance: The bassist of the band, Jan-Dirk Poggemann wanted to name the band like the pastries donuts, but he wrote the name the wrong way by mistake. The other band members liked the name, because they found their philosophy in the name (donots = do nothing, like slackers), so they retained the name. Very rarely the band calls themselves ''"Ibbtown Rockers"'' because of their provenance.

*Ingo Knollmann (Vocalist) - since 1993

*Guido Knollman (Guitar) - since 1993

*Jan Dirk Poggemann (Bass Guitar) - since 1993

*Eike Herwig (Drums) - since 1995

*Alex Siebenbiedel (Guitar) - since 1996


* 1994: ''We Do Not Care - So Why Should You'' (First Demo)

* 1994: ''Second Demo'' (Never Released)


* 1996: ''Pedigree Punk''

* 1998: ''Tonight´s Karaoke Contest Winners''

* 1999: ''Better Days Not Included''

* 2001: ''Pocketrock''

* 2002: ''Amplify The Good Times''

* 2004: ''Got The Noise''


* 2001: ''We're Not Gonna Take It'' (CD, DVD)

* 2001: ''Donots/Midtown Toursplit'' (Limited Edition Seven Inch)


* ''Agg...

years active 1993 – present
origin Ibbenbüren, Germany
status Active
music genre Rock (music)
current members Ingo Knollmann
Guido Knollman
Jan Dirk Poggemann
Eike Herwig
Alex Siebenbiedel
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia