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"dope" is an industrial rock/metal band originally from New York. It was founded in 1997.

Edsel Dope, the lead singer/song-writer started the band. As a child, he and his brother, Simon Dope, were separated when their parents divorced. When the two were adults, they reunited and Simon joined Edsel's band, playing keyboards. The pair then recruited Acey Slade as bassist, Preston Nash as drummer, and Sloane Jentry as guitarist. The band has never sold drugs, despite rumors among fans. The bands name came from a Greek mythology tale that Edsel enjoyed as a child.

Their first album was ''felons and revolutionaries'', which was self-released in early 1999. The album was later picked up and re-released by Sony, through its Epic Records imprint. After the ensuing tour, Edsel and his brother changed the lineup of the band and recorded ''Life''. After its release, Simon Dope left the group to pursue a career as a video game producer. Disappointed with the label's lack of promotion for the album, the band left Epic and recorded ''Group Therapy'' with a different line-up. It was released by Artemis Records. One song from that album, "Today is the Day" served as the official theme...

origin New York City
country United States
status Active
years active 1997–present
music genre Industrial rock, Industrial Metal
current members Edsel Dope
Racci "Sketchy" Shay
past members Simon Dope
Sloane "Mosey" Jentry
Preston Nash
Tripp Eisen
Acey Slade
Adrian Ost
Ben Graves
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia