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The Dorians were one of the ancient Hellenic tribes acknowledged by Greek writers. Traditional accounts place their origins in the north, north-eastern regions of Greece, ancient Macedonia and Epirus, whence obscure circumstances drove them south into Attica and the Peloponnese, to certain Aegean islands, and to the coast of Asia Minor. Late mythology gave them an eponymous founder, Dorus son of Hellen, the mythological patriarch of the Hellenes.

Beginning about 1150 BC, there was much destruction in the Peloponnese, Crete and other places throughout the Mediterranean, involving the destruction of the Bronze Age Mycenaean civilization and the beginning of the Greek Dark Ages. Peloponnesian cities burned or destroyed include Corinth, Olympia, Sparta and Mycenae. Even cities not burned, such as Athens, went into a prolonged period of decline. Many cities were reduced to villages or abandoned. The written record for this period is nonexistent, due to the abandonment of the Linear B script. Traditionally, this has been attributed to an invasion by the Dorians, but more recently, there is evidence that they migrated south into the Peloponnessus and the Agean during th...

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