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"Doughboys" were a Canadian alternative rock band in the late 1980s and early 1990s, whose blend of punk with pop-style melodies was often compared to Hüsker Dü.

The band, from Montreal, was formed by John Kastner in 1987, following his departure from The Asexuals. The band released its debut album, ''Whatever'', that year, although the original lineup of musicians shortly disbanded. The band subsequently coalesced around the lineup of Kastner on vocals and guitar, Toronto's Jonathan Cummins on guitar (who replaced original guitarist Scott McCullough), John Asencio (aka Jon Bond Head) on bass and Brock Pytel on drums, and released its second album, ''Home Again'', in 1988.

Pytel left the band in 1990 and moved to India to study meditation. He was replaced by Paul Newman on the band's third album, ''Happy Accidents''. After that album's release and tour, Asencio left, and was replaced by John Deslaurier, who appeared on ''When Up Turns to Down'', a 5-song E.P. that features a humorous cover of the B-52's "Private Idaho". Deslaurier left in 1992, and was replaced by Peter Arsenault. The band subsequently signed to A&M Records, releasing its major label debut, ''Crush'', ...

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