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"Dover" is a Spanish rock band from Madrid who sing in English in most of their songs. Its current lineup is:

*Amparo Llanos, guitar and band leader

*Cristina Llanos, singer and guitar

*Jesús Antúnez, drums

*Álvaro Díez, bass guitar

Dover originated in the outskirts of Madrid at the beginning of the 1990s when the Llanos sisters decided to form a rock band encouraged by the alternative scene from Seattle. In 1994, the drummer Jesús Antúnez and the bass guitarist Álvaro Gómez joined in. One of the band's demo tapes reached the radio program Disco Grande on RNE Radio 3. The band then entered into a one-year contract with the small independent record label Everlasting-Caroline. Their debut album ''Sister'' in 1995 lacked promotion and sold poorly; however, the Spanish fanzine Mondo Sonoro included it among the 10 best national albums of the year.

After their initial contract expired, they signed for the independent label Subterfuge Records, which produced their second album ''Devil Came To Me''. This album turned out as an unprecedented success in the Spanish independent scene. A fragment from the title song was included in a popular Radical Fruit Company ...

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