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"Drugstore" is a British-based three-piece pop rock band comprising Brazilian singer and bassist Isabel Monteiro, drummer Mike Chylinski, and guitarist Daron Robinson. Specialising in a mellow and often dreamy sound, Drugstore released their debut single "Alive" in 1993. Their eponymous debut album followed in 1995. They recorded a song with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke titled "El Presidente," which was included on their second album White Magic for Lovers.

The band's name is taken from the 1989 film ''Drugstore Cowboy''.

Drugstore's music has been featured on three film soundtracks. "Superglider", from the album '' Drugstore'', is used on ''All Over Me'' and ''House of America'', both released in 1997. "Fader", also from ''Drugstore'', is featured on the credits of the 2000 film ''Cherry Falls''.

* 1995 - '' Drugstore''

* 1998 - ''White Magic for Lovers''

* 2001 - ''Songs for the Jet Set''

* 2002 - ''Drugstore Collector Number One''





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