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Dry Kill Logic

"Dry Kill Logic" (formerly called "Hinge") is a four-piece metalcore/nu metal music group originating from Westchester County, New York. The band's latest album, ''Of Vengeance and Violence'', is due out September 19, 2006, via Repossession Records.

Dry Kill Logic, which at the time was called Hinge, formed in 1993. In 1997, the band recorded and released its first EP titled ''Cause Moshing is Good Fun'' under Psychodrama Records, the band's own label.

The band's second EP, ''Elemental Evil'' (1999) once again through Psychodrama Records. The 9 track disc led them to open for many well-recognized acts including Coal Chamber, Incubus, Anthrax, and System of a Down.

With the attention gained from ''Elemental Evil'', Dry Kill Logic was signed to the popular metal label Roadrunner Records in 2000/2001. The band's 2001 full-length debut, ''The Darker Side of Nonsense'', was released on June 5, and like many other Roadrunner artists of that time fell into the controversial nu metal genre.

The band was also forced to change its name from Hinge to Dry Kill Logic, as somebody else owned the copyright to the name.http://www.metalrag...

years active 1993 – Present
origin Westchester County, New York
country United States
music genre Metalcore
Nu Metal
current members Cliff Rigano
Jason Bozzi
Phil Arcuri
Brendan Kane Duff
past members Casey Mahoney
Dave Kowatch
Scott Thompson
Danny Horboychuck
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia