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Duke Spirit

"The Duke Spirit" are an English rock band. Their genre within rock is probably best described as garage rock, although their sound also incorporates elements of blues-rock and the early noise rock and grunge bands of the late 80s and early 90s such as My Bloody Valentine and The Pixies (a band the Duke Spirit have covered songs by). Luke Ford however, has been quoted as describing them simply as a "Raw Rock and Roll Band"

*Liela Moss - vocals, tambourine, harmonica

*Luke Ford - guitar, backing vocals

*Dan Higgins - guitar

*Toby Butler - bass

*Olly 'The Kid' Betts - drums

Originally called Solomon the band formed from the meeting of Liela Moss and Luke Ford at an Art College where they were doing painting and photography respectively. They moved to London together and began writing songs. After a short time they convinced mutual friend Toby Butler to join the band. While in London they shared a flat with various other people trying to make it in their various facets of media, one of their flatmates, artist (he has designed all their sleeve work to date) Dan Higgins turned out to be a guitar player looking for similarly minded musicians to make music with. Th...

years active 2003-present
music genre Garage rock
current members Liela Moss
Luke Ford
Toby Butler
Dan Higgins
Olly Betts
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia